A leading financial institution in its geographical region

ATM channel shortage monitoring model.

Our client is a universal financial services entity and a leader in its geographical region. Like the entire sector, and in its process of continual optimisation of its ATM channel management, it is developing monitoring models for its fraud management.

At Bluetab Peru we have worked with them on development of a model to enable anticipation of “critical shortages” in the agency cash machine tables and to segment the operational risk into its source axes (internal fraud, operational errors or technical faults) and so generate various levels of management alerts for different areas.

Our client has managed to provide its business users with a monitoring system capable of optimising, among other aspects, the level of effectiveness of the fraud detection model in the shortages, those that generate complaints, those that are repetitive and those produced by technical faults. We continue to work with them to make improvements and to carry out new projects in the area and the expectation is that we will extend the model to several geographic regions.