Artificial Intelligence service for reading unstructured documents

We carry out BPaaS Service (Business Process as a Service) for one of the leading financial institutions in innovation and technology in the Spanish market. We classify dozens of types of unstructured documents from which up to 10 different data are also extracted. With a success rate of more than 98% in document classification and more than 90% in the extraction of information.

Our technology performs a preprocessing of the documentation to later extract both the text and different characteristics of the document to classify it later using machine learning mechanisms. Subsequently, the relevant data are extracted according to the documentary typology using tasks of identification and categorization of key information of entities in text through the use of sophisticated models based on neural networks and other machine learning mechanisms.

The solution is seamlessly integrated into the client’s existing workflows, providing their back office teams with exceptional processing capacity, reducing processing times, improving quality and lowering the costs of these teams.

Our approach is based on Bluetab’s own FastCapture solution, which we adapt to the use cases and casuistry of the service provided to each client. The deployment of the solution is carried out through microservices in a Kubernetes cluster in EKS that allows us to adapt the size of the processing infrastructure in an elastic way; our software is developed using Elixir programming languages, using Phoenix Framework and React in the user interfaces and Python, Keras and TensorFlow among other Machine Learning mechanisms.