Bluetab is certified under the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program

In our journey as benchmarks specialising in Data Solutions, /bluetab has earned certification under the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program. This enables us to partner our clients in designing and optimising workloads based on recommended AWS best practices. 
Our Professional Excellence DNA accredits us in establishing good architectural habits, minimising risk and responding speedily to changes that impact designs, applications and workloads.
If you are an AWS customer and need to create high-quality solutions or monitor your workload status, do not hesitate to contact us at

What do we do with WAPP?

Establish technical, tactical and strategic measures to take advantage of the opportunities for improvement in each of the various areas

Cost optimisation
Identifying recurring replaceable actions or unnecessary parts to reduce costs

Establishing data and system risks

Setting the resources necessary to avoid duplicities, overloads or any other inefficiencies

Monitoring and controlling execution to make continual improvements and maintain the other pillars appropriately

Visualising the errors that affect the client, correcting and recovering them quickly

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