Multinational energy sector utility

50% optimisation of AWS costs.

Our client is a multinational leader in the energy sector with investments in extraction, generation and distribution, with a significant presence in Europe and Latin America. It has undertaken a major digital transformation process in recent years, moving from a classic legacy on-premises closed architecture strategy to a strategy of flexible, non-limiting architectures based on AWS cloud platforms and ad-hoc design solutions for each use case.

Bluetab Mexico began the segregation of the use cases carried out in its HQ to adapt them to the global requirements environment. This segregation required the establishment of a Data Lake in which the various use cases are being implemented under governance models that manage the cycle from the sources and the implementation of analytical models for various business requirements.

In addition to managing the complexity of the end-to-end project and developing the models, redesigning and optimising the AWS architectures saved our client 50% of their starting costs.