Quality of insurance information data

Our client is a major financial institution with presence mainly in Europe and America; among the three largest insurers in the market in Mexico and also a leader in the regions where it operates. It has undertaken a digital transformation in recent years, creating a state-of-the-art technology platform.

We at Bluetab Mexico are one of the group’s main partners and we collaborated with them by carrying out a thorough analysis to identify data quality problems in IT assets in their Insurance arm; performing re-engineering from the root of some processes to ensure information quality; as well as developing and automating processes to structure day-to-day information so that this meets the standards set in our client’s Big Data platform.

The scope of this project is to provide our client with mechanisms to let them take advantage of one of their competitive advantages, using the information they have about their clients in one of the largest portfolios in the country, and transform it into knowledge to offer them a better experience through a personalised offering.

An additional benefit is having reliable, available, ordered information of adequate quality to meet their needs for their regulatory and decision-making processes.